About Us

We are a mama and daughter team. Mama (Jodi) lives in Kansas City and is the excessively talented MAKER. If you have ordered from us in the last year, chances are they were made by her and shipped from her GORGEOUS home studio (seriously, its drool worthy, I need to make her do a tour).

Daughter (Katie) is located in North Carolina (for the moment, hubby is a Marine so we bounce around a lot , no need to try to keep up). Katie is the one responsible for customer service, social media, photography, fighting the website on a daily basis to keep everything up and running, drinking large amounts of caffeine, and doing my very best to keep my two kiddos happy or at least alive and well. ⁣

The chaos of 2020 made us combining forces a no brainer and I for one could not be happier about it. The distance between us makes working together a bit tricky, but we have found a decent rhythm and are making it work. Luckily we have had a fantastic and super close relationship for as long as I can remember so working together has been pretty wonderful.

Need to reach us? Please feel free to reach out via email